Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sep 20, 2011 Morning Grind

Today's Foo Alert level is Blue, or Rope.

That Foo level has been set because of the following developments:

The Foo Fighters had the Westboro "Baptist" "Church" show up at their Kansas City show, and they showed up to protest the protest with some down-home clean living and old-timey music. Read more from our Donny Brooks.

The end of Don't Ask Don't Tell at midnight last night will make the US safer, as gay members of the military can serve openly without fear of court martial. Congrats, gays, and congrats heteros for finally pulling our collective heads out.

The Texas drought is taking its toll on another victim-- this time, innocent schoolchildren.  (Won't someone PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!?!?!?!?) The drought is causing untold damage to school facilities inclding foundation cracks, and increased maintenance and grounds upkeep. Once again showing the myriad ways NOT dealing with climate change will end up costing everyone.

Speaking of dealing with climate change, a new study has found that home loans to increase energy efficiency have a default rate of less than 3%, even in this crazy housing bubble. So, take out a loan, put in insulation, ductwork, new efficient appliances, save yourself monthly on your electric bill, so you can afford the loan payments. Well duh they're going to be low risk. And it's an easy way to cut your energy usage.

The Department of Justice has rejected Republican-drawn Texas redistricting maps because they target minorites and don't give them enough representation.  This and other unsurprising facts will be released later this month in "A-doy: Things you already knew but needed the government to tell you."Democrats are going after turncoat Aaron Pena, who claimed on the House floor he had nothing to do with gerrymandering his district. Well, turns out he did. Liar, liarpants.

And finally, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was detained for trying to bring in a suspicious liquid to the United States. Turns out it was vegemite. So, it seems the TSA is actually doing their job, as I cannot imagine a more noxious substance being allowed into our country outside of gagh..

Thanks, and see you folks later.

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