Saturday, October 1, 2011

6 year old girl designs new paper-thin tablet PC

By Ben Yorick

DANVILLE -- In a move sure to shock the world of portable computers, a 6 year old girl announced the creation of a paper-thin portable computer. Codenamed "The Flower", it comes on the heels of major announcements this week about Amazon's Kindle and expected news this week about Apple's iPhone.

The new computer is literally the width of a sheet of paper.

We sat down with the creator of The Flower, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, to ask her about her creation.

"What's special is it has only 4 buttons. So it's easy to use. And then it has a flower. And the flower button does everything else."

The Power of The Flower
What does "everything else" mean? She mentioned that you could push the flower and say "Netflix" and it would start playing videos of Hello Kitty and Phineas and Ferb from Netflix. She could also press the flower and say "Nick Junior" and it would take you to

She pointed out its other user-friendly features like a smile on the screen. And the tablet's processor and battery is replaced by state-of-the-art "imagination", which integrates seamlessly with the best in cloud computing.

"I saw a cloud yesterday. It was just like a unicorn. I drew a picture of it on my computer," boasted Isabella.

The best thing about it? If it tears or gets Capri Sun spilled on it, you can simply draw a new one.

The Flower will be available at retailers in Q2 of next year, possibly as early as April 1. Or you can grab a piece of paper and a marker and make one yourself.

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