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Darth Politico is, as we hope is fairly obvious, not entirely serious.

Which isn't to say you can't take it at least a little bit seriously. We like to talk about serious issues, like money in politics, ethics in government, climate change, clean energy, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

We'll try to make it clear when we're just making up stories completely and when we're commenting on real issues in a somewhat humorous way. When we're making a statement of fact, we'll try to hyperlink it to some source that verifies what we're saying. If you don't see a hyperlink, we might be pulling your leg.

Also, if you read something here that offends you, we're very sorry. Please take the jokes as they were intended, and if it offends you, just stop reading, This is America, and being offended by political discourse goes back further than Thomas Paine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind this blog?
You might have figured out that our "Writers" are using pen names. If you'd like to get to know us better, use the contact form and we'll be happy to send you an email.

What's your fascination with Texas?
We're based out of Austin, TX. We're a member of the Texas Progressive Alliance. And we see a lot of shenanigans around us, so we're going to write about them. It's fascinating. We'd like to think if we crossed Molly Ivins with Harry Knowles you'd get us.

Are you a liberal blog?
If it helps you to label us that way, then yes. Most of us are liberals, progressives, or what have you. Darth Pundit is totally a Republican, though. And he's the superego of this little psychodrama. But, we are an equal opportunity critic who is just as upset with President Obama as about anyone else. However, we don't play the mainstream media's false equivalency game.

What's the theme or purpose of this blog?
Quite simply, to write about the stuff we like. Our writers have written for Huffington Post, we've written for Big Shiny Robot!, and we even started the TexasVox blog-- but none of those seemed like the appropriate platform for some of the stuff swirling around in our heads. Maybe we had a geeky spin on a political issue that warranted some attention, but the analysis was just not right for Huffington Post. If it was geeky, but maybe too political, it wasn't quite right for BSR. And none of that could fly on TexasVox, which had to represent an organization very careful about what it said about politics. So we started, slowly, like the Death Star, putting this blog together. And like the Death Star, it has flaws, like a small thermal exhaust port right below the main port, not much bigger than two meters.

What's with the ads?
As we mentioned, Darth Pundit is a Republican and wants to get paid. However, we do not control the content of the ads. If there is a politician paying for ads on our site, we don't necessarily endorse them. In fact, we've noticed we get a lot of ads from Republican presidential candidates. Probably because we make so much fun of them. We're happy to take their money and get paid by them and their corporate sponsors to make fun of them.

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