The Staff

Darth Pundit is our Editor in Chief, founder of Darth Politico and Dark Lord of the Sith emeritus. After a successful career in politics as adviser to Senator and then Emperor Palpatine, and leader of the successful Operation: Jedi Freedom, Darth Pundit decided that he had enough of making the empire safe from democracy and the theocratic control of the Jedi.  So he turned from his galaxy far, far away to blogging in hopes of making America a little more geeky and a little more aware of politics.

Like his good friends Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, Darth wants our coverage to always be fair and balanced, so he has hired contributors from both the dark side and the good side to achieve this goal.

Tagline: If only you knew the power of the snark side!

Donny Brooks is a contributing writer to Darth Politico that we met in a DC area bar and liked his style. He thinks most right wing pundits are bullies and will deal with them on their level.  If you don't like his opinions he's happy to fight with you about it. He's also a lvl 85 Holy Paladin on the Azshara server in World of Warcraft.

Heroes: Stephen Colbert, Thomas Paine, Tom Morello

Ben Yorick previously was the humor blogger for the Danish royal family and came to Darth Pundit after covering the superhero beat for New York's Daily Bugle.

Heroes: Steve Rogers, Reed Richards, Volstagg, Spiderman

The Ghost of Sam Houston was displaced from his job haunting the Texas Governor's Mansion during its renovation and then an arson which has caused it to be under construction for several years. Disgusted by Texas Governor Rick Perry's current $10,000 a month mansion, his flirtation with secession and the general hypocrisy of those people who run his state, Sam Houston's Ghost came looking for a way to influence the public discussion. Supercharged by the Texas drought and wildfires of summer 2011 and the Presidential aspirations of Rick Perry, he entered a laptop computer and began blogging.

Heroes: Me. I'm Sam F#$%ing Houston. People look up to me, not the other way around. Oh, and Andrew Jackson.

Citizen-Bot is a contributor for Big Shiny Robot, where he often cross-posts Darth Pundit material, and the editor at large for Darth Politico. You can reach him at citizenbot -at-

Quote: Error. Error. 0001010111010. Massive nerd clog in irony port. . .

Art by Chad Lindahl, based on characters created by Darth Politico. We think Chad did a kick ass job, so you should really check out more of his art here.